The inception
It all started with a goal to create something that we could wear to represent our passion while being connected to a bigger purpose.

The design aesthetic
Performance, simplicity and creativity all blended together.

Created by athletes for athletes
We make products to meet and exceed the standards for an athletic lifestyle. As a result, every garment is created for optimal performance and comfort. We share it because we are the first ones to wear it.  

The process
We spend months going through phases of testing out each product design and improving it until we are completely satisfied with the final version, ensuring that what you buy smoothly adapts to your active creative lifestyle.

The design objective
Creating innovative concepts that athletes will benefit from and bringing out styles that creative minds will appreciate - continuously pushing boundaries into merging sport and art as one expression.  

Made in Canada
Our first garments feature fabric that is milled in Montreal while the final manufacturing is done in Toronto. Our customers understand that this creates a higher price point for our products, which allows us to maintain the highest quality product while also ensuring respectable living wages for the skilled and passionate seamstresses who work on our garments.

Customers become family
We focus providing value that leads to a trusting relationship rather than a bunch of disposable clothing purchases. Our customers become a part of our movement because they understand what we are about and what we represent.