Based out of Toronto,
Sazé is an urban-sport lifestyle apparel brand serving as a beacon of inspiration to athletes and artists.

The word SAZÉ is a creative abbreviation of SACRED ZENITH.
The logo, consisting of the initials SZ in the form of a heart, represents the brand's true meaning:
the sacred zenith is within your heart.

Sazé means taking the step into your Sacred Zenith;
living a daily lifestyle that is from the heart and by design.

We are the athletic and artistic youth that make it through despair and failure, creating something beautiful from its ashes.
By staying true to our soul through the toughest of times, the awareness to our evolving purpose awakens and rewards us with lasting and meaningful fulfillment.

We value:
sportsmanship, dedication, perseverance, unique expression, creativity, and being able to celebrate everything from pain and loss to joy and glory.

sacred: deeply valued and important
zenith: highest point or state