Flow State

  • By sazé.ca Admin


Where the magic happens..

However it can't happen when seeking it, like trying to hold onto water in your hands while it leaks between your fingers. If you try to grab it, you won't have it..

Setting intent, seeing challenge then letting go to the intention, task, training, game, etc with no grandiose expectation, allowing self to be present in the moment like a panther fully focused on its hunt.. nothing else exists, awareness amplifies.. 

There is no doubt or desire once in flow state. Instinct, skill and spirit takes over, losing self in the now yet fully connected & relaxed.. joy is a byproduct of one’s natural state in flow of doing something you love.. as the sense of space and time disappears.. you operate as one with the universe.. 

This is where imagination, creativity & performance is truly awakened and flowing at the highest level.

Once the experience of flow state ends, comes the feeling of fulfillment and renewal..

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