Dedication to the process

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Dedication to the process
ft. Mateusz Skorski @tayusz

It’s not about the end goal, it’s all about who you become in the process.

I used to always believe it was about the end goal. The final stop.. the final “glory.” It took me many years of trials to come to the self realization that the end goal is no where near the most important. It’s something that easily fooled me into grande expectations of myself, which bled out to the world and others.

The most important thing is realizing that the end goal is real, but it’s only 1° out of a full 360° circle. The circle constantly revolves and it’s important to realize the first 359° in as much present moment awareness as possible.

This varies from person to person.. and each moment is filled with a different aspects of our lives. For me it’s about being mindful of the simple things; committing to the hard-work and dedication, knowing my purpose, knowing my why, breathing, eating, family, relationships, laughing, smiling, self-love, etc - enjoying the present moment fully.

The end goal is the last degree. And that last degree quickly turns into a new circle - a new phase..

Sharing this realization is a dedication to the whole process. It’s forever now about who you become as a result of the dedication, the pain, struggle, blood, sweat and tears - the victories and the failure - the whole 9.

The glory exists now. You have the power to choose victory now.

The end goal/result is just a reflection of your own work. It’s like a sign popping up along the road reminding yourself you’re on the right path. The end goal is worthy of stopping for a celebration too.

But for now, let’s celebrate every degree of the journey.. this is a toast to the process.

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